Happy Doze is an independent game studio aiming to explore the game mechanics playable in both sober and intoxicated conditions.



Created by ex-commercials/feature films visual effects artist, also a multi-persona musician Burç Tuncer and freelance programming veteran wizard Alp Doğan Urut, Happy Doze is an independent studio known (by a few people) for their keen point of view when it comes to intelligent game design and easily digestable games that can be played for a period ranging from 5 minutes to 5 hours in one go.


They have noone to collaborate but themselves  (they're a bit shy I guess) so Burç takes care of everything audiovisual while somehow keeping his mental health at nominal levels and Alp takes care of programming everything, literally everything. The not-so-dynamic duo has the synergy of a rock band and the passion of a starving game developer...


They are currently working on an Online Multiplayer Platformer Racing game called